Split Ring Castings

ASTECH has over 30 years of experience in blending alloys for a wide variety of applications. We have developed alloys for extreme high temperature to alloys that resist the abrasive wear found in boilers.

ASTECH casts a variety of replacement parts for the Power Industry. Of special interest is our Boiler Tube Alignment Products. Custom designed or standard shapes and sizes are available. If you have a casting that isn't performing the way it was intended to, or it's not lasting as long as you feel it should, send us the part you're not satisfied with, or fax us your design. We will analyze your material and make recommendations for a new and improved part.

ASTECH metallurgists recommend alloys that best suit your specific needs. Each heat is blended to meet strict specifications and then checked on a spectrometer before the pour is made. You can count on ASTECH for a quick response to your needs and high quality solutions.

ASTECH casts tube alignment apparatus to your design and specifications. Some styles are the "Post in Hole" for welding; others are cast with thru holes for bolting together. All are available for planned outages or quick emergency turnaround.

  • Infinitube Systems
  • D-Links, Split
  • Ring Castings
  • Carbon Steel Lugs
  • Support Spacers
  • Slip Spacers
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Wall Supports
  • Spacer Bars

ASTECH, Inc. has been producing castings for high temperature boiler applications for many years. We manufacture a wide range of custom products for Original Equipment Manufacturers, as well as the end user. In addition to being a foundry, we develop and process concepts that make our castings last longer and easier to work with.

Experience with installing many of the various "handcuffs," "tube alignment brackets" and devices aimed at boiler tube stability has dictated that the larger the number of tubes tied together, the greater the level of difficulty during installation. Choosing the easier method of overlapping wastes an additional tube space every overlap point. What's the answer?

ASTECH has developed a unique, reasonably priced, efficient means of using the "handcuff" for continuous boiler tube alignment. We call it "INFINITUBE".

ASTECH "INFINITUBE" Handcuffs are easier to handle than other alignment products, and less expensive to install in your boiler. The time and money saved in installation labor requirements alone will pay for "INFINITUBE".

Think of it -"INFINITUBE" allows you the option of connecting as many tubes as you want without overlapping and without the high cost of long, heavy castings! That's infinite flexibility, that's efficient boiler tube alignment, that's "INFINITUBE"!

There are four simple methods of linking ASTECH Boiler Tube Handcuffs with the "INFINITUBE" System (refer to example, right):

  • The "INFINITUBE" Link casting has matching slots which provide for a mechanical lock on the handcuff tab.
  • These slots and tabs can also be used to weld the link in place.
  • The Link Castings can be bolted or welded together between a pair of handcuffs
  • The Link Castings can be bolted and welded.

*Although not recommended, we can also provide the linking system welded to the adjacent handcuff tabs to accommodate ease in linking very long banks of tubes.

Click here for the Boiler Tube Alignment Brochure.


Four simple methods of linking ASTECH Boiler Tube Handcuffs with the "INFINITUBE" System (below).





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