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Design & Engineering Services

It is vitally important that any casting design incorporates the requirements of the sand casting process. The design also needs to ensure that the casting can be produced in the most cost effective way, and that the component is of the highest possible integrity.

We extensively use CAD and advanced simulation programs to offer practical advice to ensure technical and commercial criteria is optimized.

We design products in 3D using Solidworks® and Inventor®. These tools allow us to design castings from drawings, current patterns, existing castings, and fabrications. We are also able to scan your worn out, obsolete parts and make new ones. Accepted CAD formats include: STL, IGES, DXF, DWG, TIF and PDF.

Our methods department uses Solid Cast® and Magma®. This allows us to electronically simulate both the pouring and cooling processes and for investigation of:

  • Cost Effective Process Route
  • Optimizing Design
  • Design of Pattern Equipment
  • Feed Design
  • Quality Expectations

Solid Cast® simulation software provides our engineers with a precise analysis of the cast feeding systems, optimizing movement from the fluid dynamic point of view. With the filling analysis, the geometry of the casting gates is optimized, to give the alloy the best laminar flow possible and to avoid excessive speed that could cause inclusion of sand in the casting.

All components have a complete technical and method review prior to pattern manufacturing. If required, the castings may be subject to solidification simulation, which helps to predict cooling patterns and highlight potential problem areas.

During this phase, it is possible to identify the best position for the filters and fix the number and position of the casting gates to obtain the best temperature distribution in the alloy at the end of filling. With the solidification analysis, it is possible to ensure that the castings have the required quality features, not only from a point of view of faults but also mechanical features.

Temperature trends during solidification and cooling phases are carefully evaluated with a micro-structural analysis, which can forecast the final features of the casting, such as hardness, structure and mechanical properties.

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Machine Shop Services

Astech welcomes the opportunity to handle your post casting operations including machining, fabrication and assembly. Our process includes a very close liaison with our customers to both thoroughly understand your product requirements and to keep you informed from start to finish. By adopting this approach we have built very strong relationships with our clients' technical and quality teams. This early dialogue very often results in exceptional quality, delivery and a high level of product satisfaction.

Astech machining and fabrication operations provide an ideal complete solution, as our foundry is in total control of product quality and logistics.

Machine Shop Services:

  • Galvanizing
  • Painting – Coating
  • Surface Hardening
  • Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Heat Treating
  • Product Design Services
  • R&D Rapid Prototyping

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