Astech, Alloy Steel Technologies specializes in the production of low- to mid-volume special alloyed cast products. Our facility has the capacity to engineer and manufacture steel or gray iron prototypes, short or long production runs tailored to meet customer requirements. We specialize in the production of stainless steel castings, steel castings, and gray iron castings.

Modern production equipment coupled with state-of-the-art engineering technology enables Astech the flexibility to respond quickly to any customer need or requirement.

Our new modern 75,000 sq. ft. vertically-integrated facility is designed to allow maximum efficiencies through all internal processes.

Astech molding capabilities include green sand and no-bake processes. Our newly installed Palmer 8 station carousel line is dedicated to production of no-bake molds and can accommodate a maximum molding envelope of 50x72x48. Maximum part weight is limited to 900 lb.

Our Brock production green sand line runs a flask-less 16x20 mold and produces cast parts in weights from 1 to 40 lb.

The Osborn green sand line is used for low volume larger green sand cast product that can accommodate flask sizes from 12x16 to 20x34, making this a very flexible and accommodating molding line.


Shot blast equipment consists of (1) BCP Pass Through, (1) Wheelabrator 14 Tumblast and (1) Jet Hang Spinner Blast.

Our core making processes includes: Shell, Pepset, No-Bake, Oil Sand, CO2 and Ceramic.

Our maximum melt deck capacity is estimated at 1,200 tons per year. Astech purchased new Inductotherm panels and furnaces in 2012, increasing our melt capacity by 60%. The new melt deck and spectrometer room were also added to increase melting efficiencies.


3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

Click Here for more information on additive manufacturing for metalcasting


Value added services

Astech offers many value added casting services to our customers. These include: machining, assembly, painting and coating, heat-treating, patternmaking, rapid prototyping, solidification modeling, product development, R&D services, bi-metal product design, and development and general engineering services.





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